Nigeria - Ikot Usen
On July 12, 2016, brother Dennis Willard (from White Plains, MO), and brother J.C. Enlow travelled to Lagos, Nigeria and were met at the airport by Prince Ituen, Global Missions director of the Cameroon Institute of Biblical Studies. Prince Ituen was instrumental in facilitating the arrangements for meeting with the brethren in Ikot Usen and Obudu, Nigeria. As a result of the efforts by these brethren two new schools began classes in Nigeria in August, 2016. The first school was in Ikot Usen, Nigeria which is located in Ibom State in Nigeria. The school is called Cao Essien Bible College. The director is Emmanuel Essien; the secretary is Grace Umoh. The teachers are Anietie Effiong, Anickan Akpan, Effiong Udofia, and Emmanuel Essien.
A teacher, secretary, and director of the school (Emmanuel Essien) in Ikot Usen
Brother J.C. Enlow speaking to the students in Ikot Usen, Nigeria
Director, Teachers, and Students of the Ikot Usen school
There are presently 16 students attending classes. The subjects offered are Life of Christ I, Acts of the Apostles, The New Testament Church, The English Language, and Introduction to Bible Studies. Emmanuel Essien, the director writes about field work in August and September, "The students are always engaging themselves in weekend evangelism to different local congregations. Those working with congregations return to work with them. During this period, God blessed their efforts and 6 souls were baptized whereas 3 were restored to the church fellowship."