Obudu, Nigeria
The second school established in Nigeria in August, 2016, was in Obudu which is located in the beautiful Cross River State. The name of the school is Darrell Memorial Bible Institute. The name of the director is Prince Canice Ugbe. The secretary is Regina A. Ugbe and there are presently six teachers. In early 2015, J.C. Enlow and Mark Barker had travelled to Cameroon. While they were there, Prince Ugbe and Emmanuel Essien from Nigeria came over to express a desire to begin two schools in their country. With the providence of God, that came to fruition the next year when two new schools were established.

Faculty and Staff of the school in Obudu, Nigeria:
Pictured in the middle are Prince Ugbe (director) and his wife (the secretary)‚Äč along with six teachers
Students and Faculty of the Darrell Memorial Bible Institute
The students and faculty have been busy doing evangelistic work since the school opened in August of 2016. On November 17-21, the school conducted an evangelistic campaign in Gelegele which is in Edo State, Nigeria. There were a number of baptisms and restorations. Also, in December, 2016, the school conducted a Bible Lectureship at the end of the school year and invited a number of preachers to come and speak at the lectureship. It was very well attended.
One of the students at the school, James Uggber, teaching the lesson, "Can one be saved outside Christ"
Those in attendance at the Bible Lectureship in December, 2016, at the Darrell Memorial Bible Institute