Odessa - Ukraine
The school in Odessa began as a satellite school of Dniepropetrousk in 2005. There have been two graduations. The first was in 2008 with 8 students graduating. The second was in 2010 with 7 students graduating. There have been 37 total students since 2005. Two students were baptized in 2016 and one of them is preaching in the church in Odessa.

Recently, Larry Foster, a missionary from Forney, TX, travelled to Odessa and Minsk, Belarus and taught a seminar on "Archaeology and Bible Cities." Misha Boldyrev, preacher for the Central church of Christ in Odessa, translated for brother Foster. Churches of Christ in Odessa have not only done evangelism and advanced Bible training, but have also helped care for war refugees coming out of Eastern Ukraine. Many of them were given temporary housing by the churches in Odessa.
                                                              REPORT FROM ODESSA, UKRAINE
                                                                          by Vladimir Volodkov​

Hello brothers and sisters, The political situation is unstable here. In Odessa, people often meet underground. Mass media publish articles so that hundreds of aggressive dissidents are flung into prisons. However, unfortunately the situation continues to remain restless. In Odessa, explosions continue to rattle everything. The day before yesterday, strong explosions thundered on the street next to our school. Tonight, a nearby nightclub was blown up. One of the young members of our church, Sergey, died recently. He had been having heart trouble. Perhaps his weak heart didn't sustain his body. I had hoped that he would have been one of the good students in our school. All of us are very grieved by Sergey's death. We continue to ask God that He strengthen Sergey's family.

In Odessa, the nationalities and the political parties always peacefully coexisted in the past. Now some people freeze with fear of possible war. People in church sometime approach me and ask how to save children and relatives from war. ​​​​

I continue to preach in our congregation. I have Bible studies with some members of the church before and after church service. I hope that some of them will begin classes in the school. In addition, I am having a Bible study with an unfaithful church member.

I continue to search for potential students for the school. Some people were already registered. I think that the majority of them will become students in our school. All of the people in Odessa want peace and tranquility. We ask you to pray for Ukraine and Odessa. ​​​​

Pictured are students presently taking classes: Taya Gavrilova, Alex Kornijenko, Andrey Kupriy, Inna Volodko, Olga Gonchar, Daniil Demchenko, Ulia Kozelchuk and Semen Chumachenko; Teachers on the far right are Sergey Kravchenko and Vladimir Volodko (Director of the school)

Sergey Kravchenko teaching class on the Pentateuch.