About us
At 21st Century Global Missions, we want to see Jesus' Great Commission to His disciples carried out: to "go and make disciples of all nations." Therefore, our mission is to recruit, educate and encourage communicators of the gospel in their language, culture and country.  We establish schools that offer either an A.A. (2-year) or a B.A. (4-year) diploma in Bible. We have a director of each school, a secretary, and teachers who are well-qualified to teach classes. We currently have 19 schools training preachers and teachers in 12 countries. By having schools and teachers in their home countries, we can train far more preachers with significantly less cost.
Our home office is located in Fulton, Mississippi. We have many volunteers that help us in this work. We receive financial support from churches of Christ and individuals interested in helping us fulfill the Great Commission.
21st Century Global Missions

Home Office in Fulton, Mississippi
Staff (Left to Right) Phyllis Bush, Danny Cash, J.C. Enlow, Linda Enlow, Steve Shappley