School Established in Batibo in October, 2014

The school in Cameroon is called the Cameroon Institute of Biblical Studies and is located in Batibo, North West Region Cameroon. There are few congregations of the Lord's people in the North West Region. According to Prince O. Ituen, the director of the school, "The focus of the school is that of training ministers of the gospel with the ability to effectively preach the good news of Christ and to serve well in the Lord's vineyard."

On March 11, 2017, the school in Cameroon held its first graduation. Brother Guy Stanley from the Main Street Church of Christ in Springfield, TN travelled to Cameroon for the graduation. Brother Tom Ekpot, a native of Nigeria and a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University, spoke at the graduation. There were 11 graduates, but only 6 were able to attend the ceremony. One of the graduates had passed away the previous week. In the pior 12 months before the graduation, the graduates had established 12 new congregations, baptized 87 people, and had 37 restorations and prayer requests.

Brother Guy Stanley (Left) and Brother Prince O. Ituen, the director of the school

Prince Ituen and wife (far left), Guy Stanley, and Graduates in 2017

Brother Guy Stanley standing with new converts in Cameroon

Students studying in the classroom

Brother Mark Barker, from Jasper, AL, has made many trips to West Africa; here he is teaching agricultural methods to the brethren in Cameroon