School Established in Georgetown in 2017

Gary Hill (third from right), from Truman, Arkansas, and J.C. Enlow (far right) travelled to Guyana to see about starting a new school there. They are here with a group of preachers (potential students) and Wilbur Vyphius, who has since become the director of the school.

The school of Global Missions started classes in Georgetown, Guyana on Saturday, September 2, 2017. Classes are conducted at the North Road Church of Christ in Georgetown.

The director for the school in Guyana is Wilbur Vyphius. He is also the preacher for the North Road Church of Christ in Georgetown. The other teachers for the school are Michael Hooper and Vernon James. The standby teacher is Fredrick Darrell. Please pray for the success of the new school and that the gospel be spread throughout the country of Guyana in South America.

Worship service at the North Road Church of Christ in Georgetown, Guyana

Classroom setting at the school in Georgetown, Guyana

1st Graduation in Georgetown, Guyana

By Gary Hill (Truman, AR)

This summer (2019), in the middle of July, I spent two weeks in Guyana, South America. The first week we worked with the churches of Christ on the East Coast: Enmore, Beehive, and Triumph. We did Vacation Bible School and Gospel Meetings in the evening at each location. The brethren from Tennessee: Steven Kelley and three teenagers – with the brethren from Wildwood, FL: David Myers and about 8 others – and a group of five from Arkansas and Tennessee – worked each day to sow the seed of the Kingdom. The VBS grew each day as did the numbers for the Gospel Meeting. We had no visible response (but our job was to sow and water) but is still was a success.

On Saturday, July 20, before the next group arrived, we had a graduation at the School (Global Missions). It was a real joy to see these eight individuals ready to engage in the greatest work in all the world. There were eight graduates, but one student had to work that day and could not make the graduation. The eight graduates were interviewed and the results (from the past 12 months before they graduated) are: (1) all of the graduates are preaching and teaching on a regular basis; (2) 1 congregation had been established by one of the graduates; (3) there were 8 baptisms; (4) there were 11 restorations; and (5) the average size congregation that each graduate attended was 150 members.

Brethren, there are opportunities in Guyana – we just need to train more preachers there. Please pray that more hearts can be touched and we can broaden the borders of the Kingdom.
Gary Hill


Seven of the graduates; the director (Wilbur Vyphuis, Director - far right); and teachers

Gary Hill presenting a diploma to one of the graduates

Seven of the graduates at the graduation