School established in Ojojona in December 2019

Honduras is the second largest and second most populous country in Central America. It is bordered by Guatemala to the Northwest, El Salvador to the South,

and Nicaragua to the Southeast.

To God's glory and in accordance with His will, the Global Mission Honduras Bible Institute began classes in Ojojona, Honduras on December 7, 2019 with ten students. On July 18, 2019, Brother Danny Cash traveled from Nashville, TN to Tagucigalpa, Honduras and was met at the airport by Ricardo Salinas, Adrian Larin, Richard Ayala and his daughter Jessica.

Richard Ayala is the minister of the Ojojona Church of Christ which is the home of the new school sponsored by 21st Century Global Missions. Danny Cash had a meeting with the leadership of this congregation, some ministers of area churches, and some prospective students. Those attending were enthusiastic about the possibility and potential of a new school to equip communicators of the gospel in Honduras.

Currently, the staff of the school consists of Noel Ayala (Director); Adrian Larin (Secretary); and Richard Ayala (Instructor). A special thanks goes out to Randy McCadams of the McKenzie, TN congregation and Greg Vick of the Stewart's Creek, TN congregation for their help in making this possible.

We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the school in Ojojona and we pray God's richest blessings for the staff and student body in their efforts to serve our Lord.

                                                                                                           Danny Cash

            Danny Cash presenting proposed program in Ojojona, Honduras

      Local ministers and prospective students in Ojojona,     


Left to Right - Richard Ayala (Instructor), Noel Ayala (Director), Adrian Larin (Secretary), Ricardo Salinas (Interpreter)

                 Graduation in Ojojona, Honduras
                         by Richard Ayala

On Thursday, December 9, 2021, the students and teachers collaborated to work to decorate the graduation ceremony venue. We were all coordinated by Sister Marlene de Larin to do all the decoration. It is worth mentioning the participation of Jessica and Fernanda Ayala. On Saturday, the 11th of December, everything had to be in order and the preparation of food began by Sister Yesenia Ayala.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, we started the ceremony for such a big event. We had words of welcome for all the guests and then a devotional led by Brother Kevin Larin.


Brother Gaime Amador, one of the graduates, delivers the graduation sermon


The master of ceremonies was our guest, Brother David Bárcenas, who moderated all the graduation events. He proceeded to deliver the diplomas to accredit the 2 graduates with the happy end of their studies. Our brother Adrian Larin gave the words of encouragement to the students to continue their performance with much love for the work of God and ended with a prayer for the dedication of the graduating brothers.

Our graduating brother, Gaime Amador, gave us the sermon for the graduates and their duties as ministers of the gospel. Brother Richard Ayala ended the ceremony with the final prayer and words of encouragement. With this great event, the first edition of the newsletter for the school was distributed. This newsletter is edited by Brother Julian Muñoz, preacher of the church in a neighborhood of Tegucigalpa and teacher who collaborates with teaching oratory and communication classes.


Graduates and Current Students in the school in Ojojona, Honduras


Closing the event was a tasty dinner for all of the guests. I would like to thank all of the people who made possible all these two years of work so that these brothers could finish their studies. Our first graduation was a success for having had difficult times with the pandemic.

Richard Ayala,
Minister of the Ojojona Church of Christ

                                                                               Report From Ojojona, Honduras
                                                By Richard Ayala

We have recently visited congregations to promote the work and activities of the Global Mission Institute. These congregations surround the city of Ojojona, especially in the region of Francisco Morazan. In talks with local preachers and leaders, the school and its plans were spoken verbally to show these churches the possibility of increased evangelism in their respective areas and that new congregations can be established where they do not exist.

The group also met with brothers who are able to teach the Old and New Testament. There was an immediate response from brethren from the Aguacatal, Los Encinos, El Centenario (near Tegucigalpa) congregations, as well as the Buena Vista and Mary of Flowers congregations. Several candidates for teachers were interviewed. Brothers Adrian Larin, Tomas Ochoa, Richard Ayala, David Barcenas, and Kevin Larin joined the teachers’ team.

Brother David Barcenas teaching ministerial education, work plans,

                                                and projects

We continue to have classes and our students are motivated to prepare and work for the preaching of the gospel in their communities. Students and teachers in the school use their own resources and help from their own congregations to travel to the school. The institute also helps students who need bus fare. We have classes in the Bible Institute on Saturday, a day devoted to academic activities. The church of Christ in Ojojona is gracious to provide the facilities for classes. Recently, with the virus raging in our country, difficulties were encountered in the development of classes and activities. We had to suspend classes for an extended period of time. There was difficulty communicating with the students in this time of COVID. Also, some of the students came down with the virus and there was prolonged absence from classes. 

In response to this, we have tried to resume academic activities and continue with the classes. We have called each of the students and tried to encourage the students to continue in their education. Students with personal problems preventing their attendance were encouraged and helped within our abilities to continue attending. This has had positive results. There has been better attendance of students. They take advantage of learning and put into practice what they have learned in their communities as well as in their personal lives. 

Practicing personal evangelism in Personal Evangelism Class

Second-Year Students in the Global Mission Institute: Back row (L to R) Santos Escobar, Alba Escobar, Gererdo Lagos; Front Row (L to R) Jose Reyes, Nahomi Munoz, Delmi Urbina, and Mauro Munoz

Sister Yesenia Delgado and other ladies travel 37 kms to the city of Tegucigalpa to buy the necessary items for the lunch that is prepared on Saturday. To serve lunch, we buy cups, plates, and disposable spoons. We also use the hall of the house where brother Richard and his family live to eat together in more of a family atmosphere. There is always a short devotional giving thanks before eating. Normally, the devotional is directed by one of the students. The cleaning and organizing is taken care by the team assigned.

We are so thankful for your support. Everything being learned by the students is being applied by them in their congregations and to the people of their communities. They have made excellent progress.

Brother Richard Ayala