In June 2017, a team of Christians from 21st Century Global Missions led by J.C. Enlow went to Ukraine (together with Roy Bell and Beth Craft) with the mission of helping the schools of Global Missions and an evangelistic outreach to the community in the cities of Dnipro and Odessa. Mrs. Craft is a physical therapist and a certified orthopedist. She came with lectures on how to perform the mechanical diagnosis and treatment of the spine. At the end of her lectures to the Dnipro community, she introduced J.C. Enlow and Roy Bell. They then shared the purpose of their visit - to share the gospel in the Russian language. J.C., Roy, and Beth were blessed also with the same opportunity in Odessa, where there was a big group of physical therapists. Vladimir Volodko, the director of the school in Odessa, was able to make contact with the professor of the University of Odessa. As a result, God opened the door for Beth Craft to do a 3-hour lecture. Then the men were able to plant the seed (gospel) in these students' lives that we pray will grow.

Beth Craft lecturing in seminar on physical therapy

Preaching to the church of Christ in Odessa, Ukraine

                                                      Report From Odessa, Ukraine

                                                                    By Vladimir Volodkov

                                                              Director of the School in Odessa

Hello, brothers and sisters. The political situation is unstable here. In Odessa, people often meet underground. Mass media publish articles so that hundreds of aggressive dissidents are flung into prisons. However, unfortunately the situation continues to remain restless. In Odessa, explosians continue to rattle everything. In Odessa, the nationalities and the political parties always peacefully coexisted in the past. Now some people freeze with fear of possible war. People in church sometime approach me and ask how to save children and relatives from war.

I continue to preach in our congregation. I have Bible studies with some members of the church before and after church services. I hope that some of them will begin classes in the school. In addition, I am having a Bible study with an unfaithful church member. I continue to search for potential students for the school. Some people were already registered. I think that the majority of them will become students in our school. All of the people in Odessa want peace and tranquility. We ask you to pray for Ukraine and Odessa.

Outdoor Bible Study in Odessa, 


Students: Taya Gavrilova, Alex Kornijenko, Andrey Kupriy, Inna Volodko, Olga Gonchar, Daniil Demchenko, Ulia Kozelchuk, Semen Chumachenko; Teachers on far right - Sergey Kravchenko and Vladimir Volodkov

Odessa, Ukraine

School Established 2005

Sergey Kravchenko teaching class on the Pentateuch

The most recent graduation in Odessa was held in Odessa on March 14, 2019 at in the building where the school and the church of Christ is located. There were guests from the Dnepro, Ukraine church and members of the church of Christ in Odessa. There were two graduates: Tayisiya Illivna Gavrilova and Andriy Olexandrovich Volodko. Both of them received the Associates Diploma in Biblical Studies. Brother Mark Posey, minister of the Winfield Church of Christ in Winfield, AL, attended the graduation ceremony and spoke for the graduates.

Tayisiya conducts the children's Bible Study at the church of Christ in Odessa. Andriy serves as an interpreter and a preacher during Sunday worship services. Both of them are active members of the church and they are both good students at the college.

Mark Posey (far left), Tayisiya Gavrilova, Andriy Volodko, and Vladimir Volodko (director of the school in Odessa - far right)