School Established in Gorblee in May, 2011

School Established in Monrovia in July, 2011

School Established in Foya, Lofa County, in Feb., 2022

There are 3 schools of Global Missions in the West African country of Liberia. The country of Liberia is a republic of about 5 million souls. Liberia is recovering from an extended civil war in which it lost about 90% of its GDP. Much of its infrastructure was destroyed and most Liberians are without reliable electricity and running water. The people struggle ro provide the basics for their families, like clean water and daily food. But they are working hard to gradually rebuild their beautiful country.

The first school established by Global Missions was in Gorblee in May, 2010. Gorblee is a rural community in Grand Bassa county and is about an hour and 45 minutes from Buchanan on the coast.

Brother Maxwell J. Whea is the dedicated director of the school in Gorblee. Maxwell has been preaching and teaching the gospel in Liberia for many years. There are many precious souls in Liberia who have obeyed the gospel due to his tireless efforts.

The first graduation in Gorblee was in July, 2013

There was a graduation in April, 2019 in Gorblee. Brother Brent Smith (on the far right) from the Trenton Church of Christ in Trenton, TN attended and spoke at the graduation. The men who are kneeling in the picture are former graduates of the school.

A second school in Liberia began classes in Monrovia in January, 2011. The director of the school is Alassis N. Goldore and the secretary is Emma Jacobson. The school graduated 12 men and 3 women in April, 2019. While in school, these students labored with 9 different congregations, helped to establish one new congregation, baptized 202 into Christ, and restored 59 who had fallen away.

Gospel Campaign done by the Gorblee students. Brother Maxwell Whea is on the far right.

Report From Gorblee, Liberia
By Maxwell Whea, Director

Dear Brethren:
We are grateful to the Almighty God for his grace, love and mercy upon us during the pandemic in that God kept all of us alive to enter another year, 2021. It was the working of God and not of us. Our appreciation and thanks to all of our supporters, especially 21st Century Global Missions, through J. C. Enlow and the rest of the hard-working staff. In this report, we will give you a report of evangelism done in Grand Bassa County during the last month, December, and early January 2021 where more than five (5) souls were saved.

We will also highlight the program held in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County. The program in Grand Bassa was organized by churches of Christ in that region. The good thing about the program was that every aspect of the program was facilitated by 21st Century /Gorblee School of Preaching trainees and former graduates. God has blessed us that through the training, some of the men that graduated from the preaching school have become elders and deacons in the Corn Farm Church in Grand Bassa County. I am humbled and proud to see that the training has yielded a wonderful fruit by producing elders and deacons in the church in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

Below on the right are two men who came to accept Christ and brother Zaway, one of the graduates and now elder, is taking their confession. They were baptized later. There were 265 attendants at the program.

Maxwell J. Whea, Director

        Gorblee, Liberia

In the above photo are graduates from the Gorblee School of Preaching who are now preachers, elders, and deacons in the Corn Farm Church of Christ in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County. These men attended the school and are now church leaders.

Above are some of the attendees during the evangelistic effort in Buchanon, Grand Bassa County. The Gospel Meeting was held in a tent built of palm thatches and bamboo.

Lofa County

Background of the Foya Christian Bible Institute

                    By J. Venecious Fallah

Our story began in 2021, during Brother J.C. Enlow and Brother Danny Cash's visit to Liberia. We held a meeting in Brother Maxwell J. Whea's office at the Smythe Road Church of Christ, where we began a discussion about opening a training school in Lofa County, especially Foya. After his return to the U.S., I continued reminding him (Bro. J.C.) on the importance of establishing a school in this region. From those discussions, we were blessed when Bro. Enlow returned to Liberia in February, 2022. We visited Foya District, Lofa County, on February 14-16, for an assessment on the possibility of establishing a new school in Foya. Bro. Enlow conducted a remarkable Leadership Training Seminar on the 15th of February, where 25 persons participated along with some prospective students in attendance. Before the close of the Seminar, Bro. Enlow asked a question: "How many persons are interested in the establishment of the school in Foya?" Nineteen persons lifted their hands in support of the school. Bro. Enlow quickly declared the approval of the school's establishment in Foya by 21st Century Global Missions. The participants were overwhelmed and thanked Bro. Enlow for this remarkable opportunity.

The director of the School (Foya Bible Institute) is Brother J. Venecious Fallah. The opening date of the school was set for March 12, 2022. An orientation was held on March 5th. The Foya Christian Bible Institute has a total enrollment of 37 students currently. We are so grateful to our God Almighty for His favor and blessings to the people of Foya District, Lofa County, for the opportunity afforded us by Global Missions.

Students of the Foya Bible Institute (Lofa County, Liberia) with the Director, J. Venecious Fallah (in the middle in white shirt)

Students Attend Classes and sit at their new desks in Foya, Lofa County, Liberia