In May 2010, a Saturday school was established in Oaxaqueno, Guatemala which is near the border with Mexico. This school was started thanks to God's blessings of receptive Christians in Guatemala and the work of the brethren from the schools in Mexico reaching across the border. They work closely with the neighboring schools in Mexico to help in equipping the saints. We praise God for their partnership in the Lord's work.
Graduation in Oaxaqueno, Guatemala in 
                      ‚ÄčAugust 2012
The director of the school is Humberto Zoto. There have been two graduations since the school was established. The first graduation was in August, 2012; there were 19 students that graduated. The second graduation was on August 10, 2014 and 10 students graduated. Brother John Gibbs and brother Jerry Taylor from Lawrenceburg, TN attended both graduations and assisted.