Freetown - Sierra Leone
The school in Freetown was our very first school in West Africa. It began with the help of brother Issac Daye, an evangelist from Gambia, who was instrumental in making the contacts necessary to get the school started. Classes began in May, 2010. The first graduation was held on Sunday, October 28, 2012 and there were were 10 students that graduated. Brother Percell Duckett, an elder from the Ross Road Church of Christ in Memphis, TN, attended the graduation.
First Graduation in Freetown, Sierra Leone in October, 2012
The current director is Jacob Sesay and the secretary is Maseray Kargbo. The teachers are Alieu Korwah, Alfred P.T. Menefee, A.J.S. Koroma and Edit Bassey. There is a graduation planned for April, 2015. There will be 25 students graduating: 15 will receive the Associates Degree in Biblical Studies and 10 will receive a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies.
           Class in session